Greg'ry Revenj was diagnosed with HIV in 2014. That summer he decided to go public with his status and hasn't looked back. He has since had the honor and privilege to be featured on the cover of HIVPlus magazine, to be featured on several local news stations, To be able to travel the country to speak about his story and to continue daily to fight the stigma around HIV. The fall of 2014 he did a youtube reality show called ATX Life where cameras followed Revenj as he began to deal with his HIV status in a public way. In 2016 he began to attend the AVEDA Institute to begin a career as a hairstylist. Revenj is the recipient of PBA-Beacon Honorable Mention. In June of 2017, Revenj signed a contract with Ruiz Salon, under the direction and mentorship of Allen Ruiz-Global Styling Director for Aveda, 2007 and 2013 North American Hair Dresser of the Year. He can't wait to bring his passion of hair and of HIV together. Greg'ry Revenj is on every major social network and creates youtube videos on a weekly basis on his channel youtube.com/c/GregRevenj. Follow all social networks below.

      "I never thought this is where I would find myself at 27, I have found a new passion and excitement for this industry and can't wait to see where it takes me!"

         -Greg'ry Revenj